A recording of this meeting is available here.


Agenda – 13 May 2022 (PDF, 180KB)

Minutes – 18 March 2022 (PDF, 240KB)

Revenue and Capital Outturn Report 2021-2022 (PDF, 351KB)

Supporting Children and Young People (PDF, 544KB)

Neighbourhood Crime and Anti Social Behaviour (PDF, 272KB)

Tackling Serious Violence (PDF, 768KB)

Public Question Time – the first 15 minutes of the meeting is allotted to public questions that may be put to the PCC and Chief Constable. If any member of the public, who is logging in to watch the meeting, wishes to ask a question, the question should be emailed in advance to Katherine.boswell@suffolk.police.uk by 3.30pm on the day before the meeting, in order for it to be answered at the meeting. Questions should relate to either items on the agenda or be of a general policing nature. Questions that relate to a specific case involving individual matters of detail will not be taken at the meeting and will be responded to outside the meeting.

Any questions sought to put at the meeting that have not been notified by email as above will only be taken at the meeting at the discretion of the Police and Crime Commissioner.