Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk Fire and Rescue plan to build a new joint Fire and Police Station in Stowmarket at the junction of the A1120/B1113 Needham Road.

On this page you will find detail of the project and supporting images. We will be very happy to hear your views on the plans and answer any questions you may have. This on-line consultation will be open until 6pm on Sunday 19th July.

This planned shared station at Stowmarket will be the first new-build project to be undertaken to date. All other schemes so far have been refurbishment and extensions on existing Fire Station sites. Plans for the new shared facility to be built on land to be purchased from PPG on the junction of the A1120/B1113 Needham Road, will provide excellent access to the main A14 arterial road network as well as access to the local road network in and around Stowmarket itself.

These images are available here too:

Artists Impression  (PDF, 411KB)

Ground Floor Plan (PDF, 337KB)

Elevations  (PDF, 864KB)

External Works  (PDF, 664KB)

The planned facility will include:

  • A dedicated office for the local Policing team and the Serious Collision Investigation Team who are all currently based in the existing Police Station with capacity for other officers and Policing functions to use as a drop-in facility given the central Suffolk location.
  • Provision of a single appliance Fire Station crewed by on call Firefighters from the local area.
  • Interview, meeting and briefing rooms for Police
  • Police and Fire locker and kit bag areas
  • External help point telephone facility
  • Secure dedicated Car Parking for operational Police vehicles
  • Visitor parking with electric vehicle charging capability
  • Outdoor training area for Fire and Police exercising
  • Joint training and Community rooms
  • Shared kitchen, amenity space and recreation areas
  • Shared toilet and shower facilities
  • Facilities to accommodate the Salvation Army Welfare Support Unit
  • Roof top PV panels to support reduction in fossil fuel usage and a greener environment.
  • Potential to extend Blue Light collaboration with East of England Ambulance Service for a drop-in facility for Ambulance crews.

Funding for the project will be shared between the two services along with support from the government, which has already been secured. The ongoing partnership has enabled 11 other Fire Stations in Suffolk locations to be jointly shared between these two blue light organisations making Suffolk pioneers of such collaboration and is already proving to be a success with both operational and support staff.

Feedback should be directed via email to or quoting ‘Stowmarket Consultation’.   

Consultation closes at 6pm on Sunday 19th July.

Questions and comments already received (PDF,16KB): You may find it useful to see what others have asked and the responses they received.



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