PCCs reaffirm their commitment to collaboration

Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk and his counterpart from Norfolk, Stephen Bett reaffirmed their commitment to collaboration when they met today. (April 26)

At the Norfolk and Suffolk Collaboration panel meeting, where the two PCCs were supported by their Chief Constables, Tim Passmore and Stephen Bett reiterated their continued support to partnership working and made a commitment to work together to investigate further opportunities to involve the public sector and other partners.

Tim Passmore said, “Collaboration is a vital strand of our savings plan.  It is no secret that the funds we receive from government are not enough to deliver the objectives of my Police and Crime Plan so we need to work closely with partners to secure the very best value for money for the people of Suffolk.

“I am totally committed to making Suffolk a safer place to live, work, travel and invest and will investigate a variety of partners to help us to cut duplication and make savings. Every penny we save by joint working helps to protect front line policing.

He added, “I am always open to further collaborative and partnership approaches with all partners, whether public or private, where there is clear evidence that it is in the best interest of the people of Suffolk. Stronger partnership working was a core policy throughout my election campaign and it is something I am totally committed to. We have to ensure that across the public sector in Suffolk we deliver better value for money for our taxpayers.”

l-r Stephen Bett and Tim Passmore at the Norfolk and Suffolk Collaboration Panel meeting on Friday (April 26).