PCC visits Bond Street Mosque for regular update

During his latest visit to Ipswich’s Bond Street Mosque, Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore addressed the mosque elders after Friday Prayers, covering amongst other issues the revised Suffolk Local policing Review which was announced in December.

The PCC has a regular schedule of visits to the mosque which provides an ideal opportunity for providing an update on policing and the work of the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner in Suffolk and for providing feedback and suggestions for maintaining community cohesion, public safety and community cohesion. The PCC explained that one of the positive consequences of the improved budgetary position of the Constabulary is the commencement of officer recruitment after two years and a range of other initiatives including investment in investigations, roads policing and the cyber-crime unit.

The PCC was impressed with offers of assistance for helping with the integration of Syrian refugees and how to help manage the integration of different cultures in the town and, where appropriate, to teach English because good language skills are particularly significant in helping people to building a new life successfully.

Other matters covered included an update on business crime, how to improve engagement from the Constabulary and recruitment.

Commenting after the meeting, Tim Passmore said,

“I really value these meetings at the Bond Street Mosque to help develop our good working relationship further. Since I was elected a few years ago I am privileged to regard many of this community as my friends and I never cease to be amazed at their commitment to the county economically and culturally which is something we should all be very grateful for. It’s exactly this sort of can-do attitude that makes our county such a good place to live and work in.

“There are of course some legitimate anxieties or concerns about radicalisation and community cohesion which we can address together and I look forward to continuing to develop our relationship further.”