PCC supports campaign to say no to unexpected callers

Tim Passmore supported the Constabulary’s awareness campaign launched at this year’s Suffolk Show to provide a simple reminder not to give personal details over the phone to unexpected callers.
The bright yellow coaster is designed to be left close to the phone to serve as a reminder, in particularly to elderly residents, that they should not give bank account details and other personal details to unexpected callers.
Police regularly take reports of callers attempting a number of phone scams. This could be telling people there is something wrong with their computer/ home/ bank account or increasingly offering pension advice. In all cases they are trying to get people to give away personal information that will allow them to access bank accounts, pension schemes or even getting people to send cash via a courier.
No legitimate caller will ever ask for your PIN or bank account details so people must be especially cautious if anyone asks for these – and do not disclose them. Many of these con artists will try a variety of ways to get residents to disclose information that may be useful to them so please be cautious.
If you have doubts put the phone down and dial 101 and speak with the police. Try to wait at least 15 minutes between the call in and your call out and always check you have your normal dial tone before dialling to make sure the previous caller has cleared the line.
Chief Inspector Sarah Shrubshall said “The coaster is intended to be a visual reminder in particular to elderly or vulnerable residents that you can say no and seek advice from the police. It is often the case that when fraudsters make these calls they are very persuasive and will even have some basic personal information that makes their call sound genuine. If you have any doubts about a call or you feel that you are being pressured into buying something you do not want, put the phone down, wait five minutes and then call 101, the police non-emergency number.

Tim Passmore is pictured with (l-r) Sgt Jacqui Thomas and Temp Deputy Chief Constable Steve Jupp.