PCC helps you get home safe after a night out in Ipswich

Taxi marshals are now working every Friday and Saturday night to help reduce violent crime and anti-social behaviour by moving people through and out of town via a safe marshalling service in Ipswich.
The taxi marshals located at the Old Cattle Market, opposite Vodka Revolution, have already helped a large number of groups and individuals get home safely after their night out in the town. The marshals help with a number of issues on the streets at night including the following; ensuring queues are orderly and queue jumping is non existent, reporting illegal vehicles, making sure the correct number of passengers are on board and all in a good state to travel, disposing of all bottles, glasses, cans and fast-food packages before the customer gets on board the taxi and also ensuring the passenger has enough money to travel with the taxi.
The scheme has been organised and funded by Ipswich Central, Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Constabulary for at least one year until October 2014.
Paul Clement, Chief Executive of Ipswich Central commented, “The taxi marshal service, alongside the new and improved Best Bar None Scheme that we are marketing, is a significant provision to improve and encourage a safe night out in Ipswich. The marshals will ensure residents and visitors get home safely, a very important factor during the lead up to Christmas.”
Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s Police Crime Commissioner said, “It is extremely important that Ipswich town centre has a reputation as a safe and welcoming location where people can come to enjoy a drink, a meal or a trip to the cinema and theatre.
“Making our town centres safe and prosperous encourages people to visit and spend time and money enjoying what Suffolk has to offer.
“I was very specific in my four-year plan to highlight investment in the local economy as a key driver to a safer county. A vibrant economy encourages growth and supports job security which in turn cuts crime.” says Tim.
“I am happy to financially support this marshalling project. I can see tangible benefits for the Constabulary and for the people in Ipswich on weekend evenings. People will get home quicker and more safely and less people hanging around after the pubs and clubs close will reduce potential disorder which in turn will reduce the pressure on the Constabulary. Everyone wins.”
Cllr Carole Jones, Economic Development portfolio-holder, Ipswich Borough Council commented, “We are delighted the taxi marshal service will be running in the town centre. People can enjoy a night out with more confidence, knowing that the marshals will be there to ensure the queues are quiet and calm. This is very welcome news and a boost to the night time economy.”
Colin Goodrich, taxi marshal said, “The taxi marshal service is going very well and we are getting good feedback from the local bars and the public using the service. We hope to maintain this to the best of our ability and making sure the public get to there destinations safely.”
The taxi marshal scheme will run for one year on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 11pm and 4am. For more information visit www.allaboutipswich.com/taximarshals or alternatively download the All About Ipswich app, for IOS and android for free.