PCC funds support for Cadet scheme


To mark the start of the PCC’s ‘Passmore Priority’ for October in which Tim will focus on young people, Tim is pleased to announce the recruitment of Hayley Fraser to co-ordinate the extension of the volunteer Police Cadet scheme across the county.

Encouraging young people to become positive advocates for law and order, ranks highly in Tim Passmore’s ambition to make Suffolk as safer place in which to live, work, travel and invest.

To support young people across the county, the Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed to fund a part-time coordinator to extend the Police Cadet scheme across the county, and has allocated £15,000 from the Corporate Reserve.

Hayley Fraser, a qualified teacher and former Prince’s Trust employee will take up the post later this month. She will be responsible for establishing five new Cadet groups as well as provide support, guidance and direction to the existing units.

At present there are four Cadet units based in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Lowestoft and Martlesham. The plan is to develop five new schemes across the county, which will be rolled out from March 2014 to April 2015.

“I have seen first-hand the positive impact that being a Cadet has had on young people involved in existing units and I was anxious to get this rolled out across the county as soon as possible.

“All too often young people make a wrong choice as a teenager and this limits their choices in the future.”

Tim explains, “By supporting young people to make positive life choices it is hoped that they will become good citizens and develop leadership qualities that will help them to become more confident and principled adults, I am confident that Hayley will bring a real energy to the Cadet scheme ”

Cadets are aged 13-17, they wear a smart uniform, provided by the Constabulary and they meet weekly, including during school holidays. They take part in a variety of activities, similar to scouts and army cadets and they also support the Constabulary at events such as the Suffolk Show, town fairs, carnivals and charity events.

Tim added, “The key to the success of the Cadets is a reliable and enthusiastic team of volunteer leaders; without the support and commitment of these leaders we would not be able to keep the scheme going.

“In my police and crime plan I committed my support to the Cadets and pledged to expand and improve the scheme. To achieve this I have set aside money to fund a dedicated resource to provide support to existing leaders, to recruit leaders for the five new units and to identify external funding and sponsorship opportunities. I believe this small investment will help to develop and secure the Cadet scheme for the future.

“Being a Cadet really helps when young people are writing their CVs as they apply for jobs or higher education. It’s all round great news for young people in Suffolk.”