PCC announces new £170K Youth Intervention Fund

Suffolk’s PCC Tim Passmore has launched a new Youth Intervention Fund with an initial match-fund pledge of £50K from his commissioning budget.

With the support of Suffolk Community Foundation, a further £120,000 has been raised from private individuals and business donations meaning that the fund itself has been launched with a total of £170,000 of support on offer to local charities. Applications can be made for funding of between £2,500 and £20,000 per application to organisations delivering services to support young people.

This new funding will specifically support work with young people in Suffolk to address the challenges they face in today’s society – providing opportunities for positive activities, increasing life chances and reducing crime and disorder.

Tim Passmore says “I’m really humbled by the donations that Suffolk people are making to the fund and the joint vision we all now have to making a difference. I have seen what small financial investments in young people can make and I’m confident we can raise even more money to help current and future generations to banish this cycle of despair and wasted lives. I would encourage any organisation working with young people to take a look at the fund and consider how this money could support them to increase the excellent work they are already doing with our young people in Suffolk.  Together I am confident that we will save lives and create brighter futures.”

If your organisation or community group delivers a service to support young people you may be eligible to apply for a grant from the Youth Intervention Fund.  Further details can be found on the Suffolk Community Foundation website here.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 28 August 28 2019.