PCC announces council tax freeze

Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore announced today that the policing part of the council tax will be frozen in Suffolk for the second year.

Last year the PCC fulfilled his election pledge and froze the precept during his first year of office, making this the second year has been no increase in the amount Suffolk residents pay for policing in the county.

“The Constabulary is already planning to implement savings proposals of £2.3m in 2014/15 rising to £6.1m in 2017-18 and is committed to developing plans to deliver further savings of £326k in 2014-15, rising to £10.4m in 2017-18. My job is to ensure this is done without adversely impacting on the service that the council taxpayer in Suffolk expects and deserves,” says Tim.

Over those past five years the Constabulary has delivered substantial savings and Tim Passmore confirmed that Suffolk Police is on track to achieve the savings required.

Tim explains, “Suffolk Constabulary does a great job for the people of Suffolk. Suffolk is a low-cost force and I believe it offers great value for money.”

Freezing the policing element of the council tax this year means that the average amount paid by every household in Suffolk remains at £166.77 a year which is just £3.20 a week (based on a Band D property). In freezing the policing precept, the PCC will accept the freeze grant from the Government, which equates to a 1% increase and adds £390K to the annual budget without increasing the council tax.