‘Passmore Priority’ for June is speeding – tell the PCC what you think

In line with his long term plan for policing in Suffolk, Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner is this month (June) focusing on the thorny issue of speeding and speed enforcement.

Tim said “Speeding is a subject which clearly splits public opinion. It is an issue that comes up regularly as I speak to people across the county and it dominates my mail bag.”

“I have just completed a series of community meetings across the county and speeding has been one the most fiercely debated issues; I have been amazed by the breadth of opinion.

“Some people consider that there should be more robust enforcement especially in villages and near schools, while others vehemently object to mobile speed cameras.”

In order to get a true sense of the scale of the issue the PCC has today (May 31) launched a speeding survey to get a real understanding of how speeding enforcement, or the lack of it, is affecting the different communities across the county.

Tim added, “Speeding enforcement is a highly emotive and complex issue. Both myself and our new Chief Constable Douglas Paxton are genuinely interested in hearing the views on speeding enforcement and I encourage everyone to complete the survey, which is available on my website. 

“This is a major activity to test public opinion and the results will help me to better understand the views of the general public.  As soon as the results are available, the Chief Constable and I will use the information to help us shape the Constabulary’s future approach to speeding enforcement”.

The Police and Crime Plan, published in April, sets out the PCC’s priorities for the coming four years.  To help deliver these priorities Tim will regularly focus on particular aspects of these priorities.  This month’s ‘Passmore Priority’ is speeding enforcement.

The speeding survey will be available throughout June. The results will be published on the PCC website in July.