Out with the Town Pastors in Ipswich

Suffolk’s PCC Tim Passmore took the streets of Ipswich with the town pastors to see for himself just how important they are in our county towns.

He said. “I was very pleased to see at first hand the excellent work of the Town Pastors in Ipswich last Friday evening (September 11th). It was a real eye opener for me and helped me understand just how vulnerable some people can become on a fun evening out in town.

“The care and compassion of the pastors, all of whom are volunteers was particularly striking – apart from providing bottles of water or chocolate, the assistance and advice given by them clearly has a very positive effect in helping to keep Ipswich safe on Fridays and Saturdays. The grant award from my Crime Disorder and Reduction fund supports the Town Pastors right across the county and I am even more convinced that it is money very well spent.

“On behalf of the whole of Suffolk I’d like to say thank you to all of them and please keep up the good work!”