Horseback volunteer project off to a galloping start

Following the successful launch of Suffolk’s Horseback Volunteers in the summer, Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore visited Great Street Farm in Trimley St Mary to chat to three new willing volunteers.

Since the launch at the Suffolk Show 15 regular horse riders have signed up to be volunteers.

Tim Passmore said, “Our horseback volunteers do a fantastic job supporting Suffolk Police by being a highly visible and accessible point of contact. They offer a reassuring presence in local communities and are a valuable addition to the bank of Police Support Volunteers already embedded across Suffolk Constabulary.”

“Whilst out on their regular rides the volunteers on horseback report any suspicious activity, anti-social behaviour, damage or any rural community safety issues they encounter to the Constabulary.  They don’t get directly involved – they leave that to the police.

“Our volunteers are the eyes and ears of the countryside.  They know their area, what’s usual and what is out of place. By reporting anything that seems unusual they help Suffolk Police in detecting crime. Their presence also helps to promote crime prevention awareness in the area.

He added, “I am really delighted to support this innovative project which will add another level of support to keep us all safe, especially in the Suffolk countryside. It is yet another fantastic example of Suffolk people helping each other – something I believe we are particularly good at.

Gareth Wilson, Temporary Chief Constable and avid horse rider said, “We are absolutely indebted to the great work that our volunteers undertake in various roles across the county, they are a highly valued edition to the policing family.

“Our goal is for volunteers to be involved in as many aspects of our service as possible. One such area is rural crime and Volunteers on Horseback will assist Suffolk Police by being a highly visible and accessible point of contact of horseback for rural community safety issues, they will offer a reassuring presence to the local community and also report any suspicious activity or damage directly to us.”

If you own a horse and would like to get involved please email, go to or call 01473 613570.

Pictured with Tim Passmore (l-r) are Lynne Friston on Rodney; Sue Noble in Lavender; Jane Hunter on Ivana, Karen Harris, police volunteer co-ordinator and PC Mark Bryant.