Have your say on road safety and roads policing enforcement

A national survey to gauge public opinion on road safety and roads policing enforcement will run through to the end of this month.
The poll, launched by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), seeks to understand local communities’ perception of road law enforcement, risks to safety and fixed penalty notices.
The survey has been timed to feed into a Government review of roads policing and what the future of traffic law enforcement may look like. As part of this review, the Department of Transport is running a Call for Evidence in Roads Policing which seeks to identify what makes a difference and how the capability and capacity of enforcement services can be enhanced. The results of this public poll will be used to inform the APCC’s submission to the Call for Evidence and responses collected in participating force areas will be shared with the relevant PCC.
Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk said, “I am very pleased to join my fellow PCCs to support this survey. Getting a local view from the people about road safety and roads policing enforcement will be invaluable, and the fact that this info can be collated nationally will be hugely beneficial to ensure the public view is seriously considered in this Government review.
“In Suffolk we invest heavily in roads policing and I know it makes a difference. It will be interesting to hear how, both nationally and locally, people feel about the level of enforcement and our commitment to road safety.”
PCCs across England and Wales are supporting the survey by actively promoting it locally, via their social media, networks, and other communication channels. The higher the number of PCCs involved and the higher the number of public responses from across England and Wales, the greater the legitimacy and spread of national responses.
The poll, which is conducted via Survey Monkey runs until Wednesday 30th September and is available at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/apccsaferoads.