HMIC recognises the good work of the Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary has been recognised as performing well after an inspection report published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies (HMIC) today (Thursday 2 March 2017).

The force received an overall ‘good’ grading in the 2016 PEEL* inspections into effectiveness, which looks at how well the force keeps people safe and reduces crime.

The force was graded as ‘good’ in all four areas of the assessment. These were effectiveness at preventing crime, tackling anti-social behaviour and keeping people safe; investigating crime and reducing offending; protecting those who are vulnerable from harm and supporting victims and tackling serious and organised crime.

Tim Passmore, “I am very pleased that the HMIC has recognised the good work of Suffolk Constabulary to keep us safe and reduce crime.

“Suffolk is a safe place to live and work and I hope people find reassurance in the fact that the HMIC inspection has acknowledged that the Constabulary does a good job. The report also recognises that the Constabulary is using a range of approaches very effectively to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and has one of the biggest reductions in anti-social behaviour in the country, this is a great achievement.

“I am particularly proud the HMIC report also praised the way Suffolk deals with vulnerability. In my role as PCC I have a responsibility to support victims of crime so I am really pleased that the inspectorate noted our officer and staff are helping to keep vulnerable people safe.

“We face challenging financial times and the Constabulary is meeting this challenge with great professionalism and I hope Suffolk joins me in thanking them for their commitment.”

Deputy Chief Constable Steve Jupp said: “This report demonstrates that the force has continued to move in a positive direction over the past 12 months. The areas inspected should provide reassurance to the public that we are working extremely hard in ensuring they are kept safe.

“It needs to be borne in mind that this ‘good’ grading was achieved in the face of a continual financially challenging climate and one of changing and increasing demand on our service.

“It’s also important to recognise that this inspection was conducted after the latest phase of the Suffolk Local Policing Review was implemented, so effectively the report is an endorsement of our work to transform and modernise our service and ensure we can respond effectively to current and future challenges.”

The HMIC report also praises the way in which the force approaches issues of vulnerability and serious and organised crime and states that officers and staff they spoke to had a good understanding of what makes a person vulnerable and the action they need to take to keep them safe.

Mr Jupp added: “While the inspection reflects favourably on the force we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Looking ahead we will look to build on our strong links with our communities and partners who play a key role in supporting us in our work.

“The report also reflects well on our officers, Specials, police staff and volunteers who continue to show high levels of dedication, commitment and hard work and for which I would like to thank them for. We couldn’t have received such praise from HMIC without their valuable contribution.”

*The HMIC PEEL inspections are a national benchmarking exercise to judge how efficient police forces are at keeping people safe and reducing crime.