PCC launches new camera van to increase speed enforcement

A new community speed enforcement van has been launched today to increase enforcement in the north of the county. It has been introduced to address concerns by town and parish councils about speeding in our villages and towns.

PCC Tim Passmore met with County Councillor for Halesworth, Tony Goldson to see the camera in action today. (Monday 14th March)

PCC, Tim Passmore said, “I am delighted to introduce this second new speed enforcement resource in the county.

“Speeding is a very controversial issue right across the county and one of the main topics of concern of people contacting my office. One thing that has come through loud and clear is that people want to see enforcement in our towns and villages, in areas where lower speed limits are in place, where they feel safety is a real issue.

“These small vans will be deployed in areas where parking the larger camera van is not practical, and specifically placed in areas where there is local concern.”

Local Suffolk County Councillor, Tony Goldson, Cabinet Member for Health said: “We are listening to what local communities are telling us and introducing appropriate enforcement measures like these vans serve as a deterrent to people who choose to break the law by speeding.”

The van is being funded by the Constabulary and complements a similar van which was launched recently paid for with money generated from the speed awareness courses attended by drivers who have been caught speeding.

The vans will focus primarily on those sites right across Suffolk where local communities have raised speeding issues – either via complaints, parish councils, Community Speedwatch data or from information from the Constabulary’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams.  The new, smaller vans are able to access sites where the traditional safety camera vans are too big to enforce – thus increasing the range of areas which can be targeted.  The vans are Fiesta vans and the officers will use mobile equipment away from the vans when enforcing at 30, 40 and 50mph sites.

If a local community would like to see the van deployed in their area they can find out if their request falls within the enforcement criteria by e-mailing the PCC’s office at spcc@suffolk.pnn.police.uk.  The request will be passed on to the Safety Camera Enforcement  Team for their attention.