The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has responsibility to hold the Chief Constable to account for an efficient & effective police force. In terms of monitoring the Constabulary’s use of Stop and Search the PCC receives updates to his Accountability and Performance Panel in January and July. This report provides data on the use of stop and search across Suffolk, and the outcomes of those searches, as well as providing an update from the Police Powers Scrutiny Group (PPSG) on the work it does to scrutinise use of the power.

The latest stop and search data (see the ‘Use of Police Powers in Suffolk’ report) presented to the Accountability and Performance Panel on 19 January 2024 – Accountability and Performance Panel Papers – 19 January 2024


What is Stop and Search?

The power to Stop and Search is an important policing tool in the fight against crime. It can prevent, detect, and deter criminal activity. There is information on the Constabulary website about the appropriate use of the power and what to expect if you are stopped and searched.


External Scrutiny of Police Powers

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner works with Suffolk Constabulary and ISCRE to support external community scrutiny of the use of police powers. This external scrutiny is undertaken by the Police Powers Scrutiny Group and is administered by Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE). The findings from that work are fed into the PCCs Accountability and Performance Panel report.

The intention is that the PPSG meetings are held bi-monthly with 2 of the 6 meetings per year being held outside of Ipswich.