Agenda – 30 July 2018 (PDF, 100KB)

Audit Committee Minutes – 25 May 2018 (PDF, 204KB)

Update on Audit of Statement of Accounts (PDF, 152KB)
Suffolk Police 2017-18 – Letter to Chris Bland (PDF, 272KB)
Letter to Mark Hodgson Ernst Young (PDF, 236KB)
Appendix 1 of letter to Mark Hodgson (PDF, 588KB)

Quarter 2 2018 Police Sector Briefing (PDF, 1.13MB)

Internal Audit Progress Report – Covering Report (PDF, 124KB)
Internal Audit Progress Report – July 2018 (PDF, 472KB)

Internal Audit Follow Up Report – Covering Report (PDF, 124KB)
Internal Audit Follow Up Report – July 2018 (PDF, 420KB)