Agenda – 21 May 2021 (PDF, 139KB)

Minutes – 5 March 2021 (PDF, 212KB)

Revenue and Capital Outturn 2020-2021 (PDF, 386KB)

Revenue and Capital Outturn 2020-2021 – Revised (PDF, 386KB)
The outturn report was revised subsequent to the Accountability and Performance Panel held on 21 May 2021 to correct figures in table A(i) in the appendices and reflect the change in treatment of the Income Guarantee Grant (£281k) in light of advice recently received.  Previously outlined in section 5 of the report (Specific grants), this updated report provides an explanation of the grant in paragraph 7.4 (General grant).  There is no change to the overall outturn position or level of reserves as a consequence of these changes.

Performance Priorities Monitoring Report – 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021 (PDF, 1MB)

Victims Code of Practice Compliance Report (PDF, 684KB)

Contact and Control Room and Public Access (PDF, 503KB)

Suffolk Collaboration Update (PDF, 340KB)

Progress Against HMICFRS Inspection Recommendations (PDF, 382KB)