Agenda (PDF, 182KB)

Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2013 (Paper AP13/29) (PDF, 235KB)

Crime & Disorder Reduction Grants:

Ipswich Community Safety Partnership (CSP) (Paper AP13/30) (PDF, 561KB)

Waveney CSP (Paper AP13/31) (PDF, 163KB)
Appendix A – Plan for 2013/14 (PDF, 126KB)
Appendix B – Funding (PDF, 76.3KB)

Suffolk Coastal CSP (Paper AP13/32) (PDF, 114KB)
Appendix A – Plan for 2013/14 (PDF, 126KB)
Appendix B – Funding (PDF, 92.9KB)

Western Suffolk CSP (Paper AP13/33) (PDF, 193KB)
Appendix A – Funding (PDF, 52.8KB)
Appendix B – Projects (PDF, 10.6KB)

Public Health Suffolk – Young People’s Substance Misuse Service and Drug Intervention Programme (Paper AP13/34) (PDF, 505KB)

Suffolk Positive Futures (Paper AP13/35) (PDF, 160KB)
Appendix 1 – Outcome plan update (PDF, 177KB)
Appendix 2 – Activities (PDF, 196KB)
Appendix 3 – Project case study (PDF, 754KB)
Appendix 4.1 – Pupil Referral Unit Testimonial (PDF, 485KB)
Appendix 4.2 – Pupil Referral Unit Testimonial (PDF, 263KB)

Safer Suffolk Partnership Board (Paper AP13/36) (PDF, 173KB)

Performance Priorities – Monitoring to 30 June 2013 (Paper AP13/37) (PDF, 160KB)
Progress Report (PDF, 949KB)

Financial Monitoring 2013/14 – Period to 30 June 2013 (Paper AP13/38) (PDF, 170KB)
Appendices A – Police Officer Strength & B Capital Monitoring (PDF, 43.5KB)

Collaboration Update – Joint Justice Command (Paper AP13/39) (PDF, 235KB)

Increased Taser Coverage in Suffolk (Paper AP13/40) (PDF, 193KB)

Speeding Survey Results (Paper AP13/41) (PDF, 186KB)
Appendix A – On-Line Survey Results (PDF, 479KB)
Appendix B – Suffolk Show Results (PDF, 250KB)
Appendix C – ‘Journey Through the Ages’ Event at Palgrave Results (PDF, 347KB)
Appendix D – Towns, Roads and Villages (PDF, 244KB)