15 October 2013

PCC behind bars

Tim Passmore, Police and crime Commissioner is in trouble, so much so, he’s appearing at Ipswich Crown Court on October 15.

11 October 2013

Inspection of Statements of Accounts

Notice is given that the audit of the Statements of Accounts of the above-mentioned bodies for the financial year ended 31 March 2013 has been concluded and are available for inspection by any local government elector for the area of the specified bodies.

8 October 2013

Business Crime Forum – 29 October 2013

If you run a business in the county you are invited to attend the Business Crime Forum on Tuesday 29 October.

4 October 2013

PCC funds support for Cadet scheme

To mark the start of the PCC’s ‘Passmore Priority’ for October in which Tim will focus on young people, Tim is pleased to announce the recruitment of Hayley Fraser to co-ordinate the extension of the volunteer Police Cadet scheme across the county.

30 September 2013

Statement of Accounts approved

Following consideration by the Audit Committee on 24 September 2013 and by the external auditors, the Police and Crime Commissioner has today approved his Statement of Accounts 2012/13, including the Annual Governance Statement 2013.

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